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Unlock your full potential with a golf & fitness program designed just for you.

  • Advanced simulator & video swing analysis
  • Customized fitness plan to fit your goals
  • Play the best courses in the world on our simulator
Golf Simulator Instruction
“No matter how good you get you can always get better and that’s the exciting part.”
– Tiger Woods

Golf Instruction

We focus on maximum performance in the game of golf. Players of all ages will greatly appreciate our advanced facility and comprehensive services.

Fitness Training

Our professional team of trainers will provide you with personalized coaching to get your body in-sync with your golf swing.

Golf Simulator

Improve your game as you gather information about your shots on the practice range. Or play one of the top courses in the world under real-time conditions.

How it Started

The concept started with a simple conversation on a driving range. While observing players of all ages and abilities hitting golf balls, I wondered why the area in which I worked has never produced a PGA or LPGA Tour Player who has spent a long career on the tour playing for a living. The golf courses are good and plentiful; we have a number of great teachers and coaches; the winters are generally not severe enough to deter the serious golfer from working on their games; and the price of golf is very affordable. Something was missing!

The conversation carried on a couple days later. ‘Tying all the aspects of the game together’ was the missing link to maximizing the potential of every golfer – The ‘Holistic Approach’ to the Game of Golf! With this concept in mind, Next Level Golf and Fitness was created to utilize the best of coaching concepts and technology in expressing the mechanics of the golf swing. With the help of professional trainers working on the body motion, nutritionist to assure you are treating the body with the correct essentials, and sports psychologists focused on the mental aspect of the game, we have developed a great program to allow beginning and more advanced students the ability to get the most out of the game of golf.

Greg Anderson

Greg Anderson, PGA, Managing Partner & Director of Instructional Programming

With over 25 years of coaching the game of golf, Greg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Next Level Golf and Fitness. Through his Greg Anderson Golf Academy, he averaged over 1000 students per year, with a special emphasis on year-long junior golf programs. Students appreciate that he teaches people, not necessarily methods, and he is well versed in all the current techniques and embraces using high tech equipment to validate his message.

Brad Neuerburg

Brad Neuerburg, Fitness Director/Master Trainer

“I was inspired to become a personal trainer after being surrounded by sports my entire life. My main passion lies in helping people move their bodies while remaining pain free. Over the past couple years I have begun to understand more and more on how our bodies need to respect proper movement. Our bodies must move intentionally instead of habitually to overcome restrictions and pains that are body is enduring. These complex but simple fixes translate into movements that we encounter in our lives on a daily basis, along with any athletic sport. I strive to help individuals of all fitness levels accomplish whatever goals they might have.”

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