My golf lesson with Derek exceeded my expectations. His instruction was clear and engaging, which allowed me to feel comfortable and have a lot of fun.

I just wanted to thank you for the lesson. I shortened up my swing throughout the bag and for the first time I’m under a three handicap.
M. Jordan

I thought the first lesson went well. I appreciate the manner in which you teach…watching me take a few swings and then basically giving me just one thing to really work on. I’ve walked away from lessons before either having so many things to remember to do or having a swing so screwed up I couldn’t even hit the ball.
R. Johnson

I have played about 6 times since our lesson. I hit one slice with my driver, that is all! I frequently will hit a bit of a fade but it isn’t bad at all. I’m even getting some pars again. I was ready to quit golf with the excuse that I am getting too old at 75 (before the lesson). Now I am enjoying myself again on the course. Thanks, you saved my golf.
R. Perry

Great detailed analysis of my swing which I found to be exceedingly helpful!
M. Beynon

I have known Greg and have taken a few lessons with him going back close to 20 years. I was excited to hear about the facilities he has at Next Level Golf. Greg knows the golf swing, and the studio he created is state of the art. I have taken my first of my 6-hour package with him, and played well for the first time in a while. I needed to see him much sooner. I won’t make that mistake again. Thank you Greg!
M. Veal

Greg is very knowledgeable of the mechanics of the golf swing and gave some really helpful advice. It is a comfortable, professional environment with state of the art technology which helped me understand my golf swing in a way I had not prior. Highly recommended for anybody looking to improve their game.
G. Powell

Greg’s golf expertise and the advanced technology in the studio is second to no one!
K. Ferrigno

I found the physical assessment and video lesson very helpful. I learned that I’m actually quite flexible for a 64 year old, and at impact I look nothing like what I imagined! Greg gave me a good start on repairing that position.
R. Frank

Greg, I appreciate your attention to my needs as a golf student. You asked what I wanted to work on. You observed my swing and also video recorded it. You had some simple ideas for improvement and showed me on video what my weaknesses were. The emailed videos and commentary the next day were terrific. With them I can continue to reinforce the lessons. Thank you!
V. Cole

Thanks for sending over the 2 videos. The verbal commentary pointing out areas to focus on during my practice schedule over the next couple of days will help immensely! I enjoyed my first lesson and your approach gives me great confidence that I made a very smart choice in choosing you to be a better ball striker.
K. Marshall

Through the years, I have taken so many lessons from so many different pros and have not had any kind of sustainable results. I think I told you up front that I would be a very difficult student for you.  I appreciate your patience as we had to repeat Lesson One three times before I could get things sorted out.  My handicap is at an all time low. My success is a result of your skills.  So thanks.
R. Johnson

Gentle precise feedback. Encouragement. I’m a female beginner at 70. Greg really pays attention and notices what needs to be adjusted but he delivers feedback that’s workable not critical. The video analysis is a great help. I’m having fun with learning – that’s a gifted teacher!!!
G. Meyer

Thanks for all your tips. I went out and shot an 86 (about 10 strokes less than normal) on the north course today using your tips. All my shots were straight and I made four birdies!!! Things are looking up. Really appreciate it!!!!
S. Crum

Thank you for a great lesson!
Played Tayman Park yesterday, and for 9 holes I and shaved 15 strokes off my score.
M. Olch

Just wanted you to know I shot my lowest recorded score ever beating my previous best by 5 strokes. Usually hitting the driver is my biggest deficiency but I applied my new grip and the swing cues you gave me and I was hitting some decent shots. Iron striking was also much better. If my putting wasn’t such shit I would’ve broken 90 which is unheard of for me.
D. Cheng

Greg is a close friend that I’ve known for 20+ years.  He has been working with my son this past year.  As my son navigates more competitive golf through High School and local Junior tournaments Greg has been great with focused direction on what to work on from lesson to lesson.  My son will often look back at video analysis that Greg sends after each lesson to remind him of good positioning in his golf swing.  I’m confident to say that Greg’s work with my son this year set him up for a very successful golf season, with many more to come.
D. Savano
NASM Certified