Junior Linksters 365

A yearlong program for the serious junior golfers!

Can you look me in the eyes and tell me that you would like to take your game to the next level? Can you commit to working hard on your game to develop your skills? Are you interested in qualifying for the high school team or maybe playing on a NCAA Division 1 college team? Do you want to be the best player for your age group? Let us assist you in developing your skills!

All of our fees include a same day ‘Workout Pass’ at the Anytime Fitness Club. We are not only interested in you understanding your golf swing, but we want you to understand your body as you mature.


2 lessons for $99

45-60 minute sessions.

All sessions will conclude with a video voiceover sent to an email address.

Lessons can also be utilized at Windsor Golf Club upon demand

If you would like to prepay for a series of lessons, some suggestions are as follows:

6 lessons for $297

12 lessons for $594

NASM Certified